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Create legal documents

Create custom, configurable legal documents from templates.
Step-by-step contract generation process
Additional context and information provided to help decision-making
Create documents in under 5 minutes

Edit your documents

Make changes to your document through Accord's built-in rich-text editor.

Make minor changes to your document without leaving your browser-tab
Update placeholder variables with changes persisting throughout the entire document
No third-party word processors necessary

Sign your documents

Sign and finalize your document by sending it to the counterparty through Accord.
Auto-generate PDFs of fully signed documents
Audit trails
Store files securely
“We can't recommend Accord highly enough. It's made our life a hell of a lot easier.”
Adrien Taylor
Accord is easy-to-use, founder-friendly, and affordable. We like to focus our time and energy on solving the list of problems that can make or break our startup. Accord helps us keep drafting legal docs out of that list, giving us peace of mind that they are done right.
Pejman Ghorbanzade, founder at
“As a busy founder with the need to be capital efficient, Accord has been a life saver! Great templates and super easy to get legal docs done up.”
Elizabeth van Rooyen, Co-founder at
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Adrien and Mark from Not Another™ Design Studio

An all-in-one platform to manage your legal documents

We help you by managing every part of the contract lifecycle process. Once you've created and signed your legal documents, they will be stored securely in your Accord account.

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